First, I hope you guys are all having a wonderful restful weekend! I woke up this morning thinking that today was Easter. So I made Lily bunny pancakes. Sent an Easter greeting to my favorite mother-in-law and she said,” Easter is next week.” Oops! In my defence, I live in a tiny town where there is only a store thats equivalent is to a camp candy store with no American candy though ;(, but they have toilet paper, matches, coke (YES!), vanilla, and soap! So I didn’t have media reminders, commercials, banners at supermarkets, easter candy and decor on every shelf at the store, pastel colors, creapy life size bunnies, or even melting snow to remind me that Easter is next week. Not this week. No, today is Palm Sunday. And here at my house the kiddos have some pretty bad colds they are struggling to get over. I had the cold too but I’m much better off than they are. I’m a mommy, so if the kids get sick then I get sick too. You guys know how that works right? They need kissing and hugging and those friendly little germs (oh they’re so friendly!) just invite themselves in on the sharing too! In times like these I remember how blessed we are when God gives us a simple thing like health. I take it for granted until I don’t have it. Colds come and go ,thankfully. If you’re healthy today and your family is- why not try to make it one of those things you thank Him for each day- because wether we realize it or not it’s one of God’s greatest blessing to us.

Second,I have to share a secret. Tea Tree Oil really works wonders on a sore throat! This stuff is a.m.a.zing. I can usually deal with a cold, but when you have that gnawing aching sore throat it’s kind of hard to focus on other things. Like sick babies, house work, cooking, laundry, etc. – it all tends to get overwhelming. Well, I remembered that I had bought do-TERRA’s Tea Tree Oil before moving to Bolivia. I’m so glad I remembered! I put a few drops on my neck about where the soreness was and I was actually shocked that the soreness was replaced with a nice subtle dulling of the achiness. I did this every time I started feeling the ache and it helped me a ton. Since I’m nursing Landon I have not been taking any medication to kick my cold. (Ok, I did take one ibuprofen one night that i had a fever, but that was it.) And my pain thresh hold is low low low! So I’m thinking- I KNOW that Tea Tree Oil works so that must mean the other essential oils do too! So I’m going to research/shop around for a good starter kit. It’s perfect for nursing moms and little kids and the best thing is is that its safe. What has your experience been with essential oils? Any tips?

Thirdly, I follow Click It Up a Notch, a photography blog. And they are giving away a free e-book here( if you follow and suscribe to their blog. It’s free! Yay! I just received mine and my mind is flowing with ideas of what projects I could pick to begin to work my way through this tiny but super helpful e-book. I’m so excited. I will tell you which project I picked and will post a blog or two with my feeble attempts. Wanna join? Our kids and grandkids are tiny just once- capture those moments. Someday you’ll be glad you did and learned a little something along the way in how to capture those moments.

Have an awesome week!



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  1. Ashley says:

    Love your blog!!! And yes, essential oils are the most amazing thing!!! I cannot believe how well they all work! Lavender is one of the most versatile oils I’ve found so far and so gentle you can use on children. I’ve been using it on Emma’s bug bites and they are healing 4 times faster than without and she doesn’t pick at them now because it stops the itch! I’ve recently become a distributor of Young Living oils. I’m still learning too, but If I can help you, just ask!!

  2. Thanks Ashley! Wow, that is pretty amazing that she’s healing that much fast. I will make sure lavender oil is one of the ones I purchase! Do you have a link that I can use to see the oils you’re distributing? Thanks !!

  3. harold fortune says:

    I enjoyed your blog. There are a lot of people out there that don’t have faintest idea what all a missionary goes through out in the country. Your blog will be a real eye opener. Where your mission station is, is like going back in time a 100 years. Girl, you have to be tough and resourceful to deal with all the unexpected things as well as daily life. I know that the health and well being of your family is always a major concern. All that I have to say is, you are one tough girl.

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