Becoming Parents

3 years ago, Tyler and his Dad volunteered to do a  flooring job in Michigan. They were gone a whole week that just dragged on by. I’m not the kind of girl that just cries her eyes out when her husband leaves for a night. Nope.  But  this was the week of all weeks that I really wished Tyler was home with me because I had the best news in the world to tell him. But I was NOT going to give him this life changing information over the phone. I wanted to see his face and see his reaction to what I told him…and that’s just not possible over a phone call.

I was pregnant with our first baby. I couldn’t believe it!  We were done with deputation which meant we were leaving in 2 weeks for Bolivia.  This was the perfect time and it meant that our baby was going to be born where I was born and that to me was pretty special.

Then Tyler calls me from Michigan. I’m in Utah staying with his parents. It was so hard to not sound excited and to keep the baby news a secret from him . I must have been crazy to not tell him! But then I got an even crazier idea or as I think of it- the best idea ever! Since I was going to save the news until he got back I decided to ask a friend photographer to capture that moment when he finds out about our baby.

So here it is. A taste of our special day. It’s hard to believe that Lily has been in our lives ever since!  She’s a sweet little girl that has added so much happiness in our lives. Now she’s a loving big sister to her baby brother too. We are so blessed to have this little family!

5.03.11 031-1
He thought we were just getting some nice photos taken to give to his family. Then we picked up the facing-down banner and it started to dawn on him…



5.03.11 037-1
Ta DA!!

5.03.11 0565.03.11 063




And here is Lily Sofia and Landon Tyler.  Sweetie Pie 1 and Sweet Pie 2 (bc Lily told me this week she wants to be Sweetie Pie now not Cutie Pie. 😉 …and I think it fits her well…







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carrie peacock says:

    Love it! You guys have such a cute family. God bless you. Hugs

  2. Bethany Pettit says:

    Best.blogpost.ever!! 🙂 I can’t wait till the day I can hug and kiss your two little Sweetie Pies!!!

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