I have a few pics to share of what some of our life looks like when we travel.

Like the gorgeous scenery we get to drive through every time we go grocery shopping.

We live behind that furthest mountain range in Tierras Nuevas ( New Lands.)

It takes us 2.5-3 hrs on these dirt roads. (Some people travel it much faster than us, but we like to take it easy on our vehicle.) These dirt roads =  pot hole galore and gravel the size of baseballs and footballs.


It’s an ordeal ,but we’ll take that any day over the slimy clay mess the roads become when it rains.

It’s pretty bad when we’re backing up the local traffic. If we’re lucky we’ll see 1-2 vehicles on the road on any given day. But livestock… they’re everywhere!
We carry one of these hoes with us everywhere we go because we never know when we’ll need it. No AAA or tow service or highway patrols here. Just us and the other travelers if we’re lucky.


Yup, you guessed it! We choose to travel on the days it doesn’t rain as much as possible.  Sometimes we even cut our trip short or have to extend it because rain is coming or because the rains caused a slide that basically destroyed a section of the road making it impassible. It’s something different each time.


It’s hard to believe but this is our normal everyday driving. My goodness, sometimes I really miss those smooth asphalted black topped roads with nothing on them except for some leaves, acorns, or  tiny pebbles. I vaguely  remember what its like to drive over 40 miles per hour! I know we used to get somewhere in a lot less time and not all shaken up and dusty! Haha, but we also get to see this every time and all kinds of other crazily beautiful things. We’ve even seen tucans! And parrots are the norm here. We get them in huge swarms- they’re a pest kind of like the crow is in the States.  The other day we got to stop by this creek and let the kids play in the water  for those much needed diapering breaks!

So refreshing~ this is the first time Landon is getting his feet wet in some natural water source. It’s usually too early in the morning to let the kids get out when we drive by this creek.



Almost 5 months and he’s getting so big already!
Towards the very end of each trip she begs to stand up so she can see what Mommy and Daddy see on the road as we go through town. She’s always amazed at how many motorcycles and cows she can spot!

I see all kinds of glamorous things some of my friends get to do and famous ancient cities they get to tour and travel to, but honestly I love the simplicity of God’s untouched creation. No man made structures   can compare to the beauty God made. And it’s been sitting here untouched since the flood where so few eyes have gazed and seen it.


See that tiny angular slit on the mountainside going up? Thats the road we take to get to Vallegrande- our booming metropolis of a town. The people here call it the city, and I guess they're right in comparison to the isolated landscape and tiny settlements that surround it in the mountains.
See that tiny angular line on the second of the three mountain ranges? That’s the road we take to get to Vallegrande- our booming metropolis of a town. The people here call it the city, and I guess they’re right in comparison to the isolated landscape and tiny settlements that surround it in the mountains.


This is Vallegrande. Where my parents work and where I grew up. And where we do all our grocery shopping.

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  1. LOVE the views!!! And Wow! What a rough ride! Thank you for showing us a small part of your lives there! I love being able to see where you live and how you travel. I feel like it helps me to pray better for you guys. 🙂 Please, please, please keep the pictures coming!!!

    1. Sometimes I forget to take my camera and then just take pics with Tyler’s experia- it works but thats about it. I’ll keep posting! BTW you should do a walk through of your new place once your all settled in. I’ld love to see it!

  2. Audrey Todd says:

    I love your blog Sandy!! Its so nice to actually see what it looks like there. Your kids are so cute. Praying for you and your family.

    1. Thanks Audrey! I wish a blog was a requirement for every missionary. Then we’d get to see so much more of the world!

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