July Fourth Week- Sucre

Last week we embarked on a cross -back country road trip to visit my sister and her family in Icla, Chuquisaca for the Fourth. Chuquisaca ( choo-kee- sock-a)- I’ve always thought that was a word that has a cool ring to it! We really had probably the best trip we’ve ever had – fun time with the family, no car troubles, no rain- no rain is such a massive blessing!! It was super dry there and we were loving it!! So dry that I actually had to put leave in conditioner in our hair so that it didn’t get static electricity in it.  For our  fireworks show one of the firework sparks landed in some grass. The guys made a fast dash to stomp it out just before it would have gotten out of hand. One more minute and I’m sure it would have been too late.   No wonder fireworks are illegal in some places in the States especially out West! So I’ve posted a few pics of the highlights.   I’ll just post the pics now. 😉

The cousins
The cousins


Too much excitement for this little guy
Feed the Birds
If I lived near here I would build my house with stones...
If I lived near here I would build my house with stones…love that rustic look 😉
It was SO windy, so much for bangs. And poor Landon was teething like crazy this week, thus the chapped red face. I couldn’t lather vaseline and moisturizer on fast enough. But arriving home he was the proud owner of 2 new teeth! Making it now a total of 5 at 6 months. Yeah, tell me about it…poor little baby. I think Lily preferred to be splashing in the water at the point of this photo than being forced to sit down for a sec to get a picture with us. 😉


The roads out there are incredibly great!! Yup, that is rock all fitted in by hand and its like this for miles and miles. We were spoiled for a little bit, 😉
Do you see how dry it is? Brown never looked so good!



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  1. I loved every minute! Looks like you had a really fun time. I’m so glad you got to go. :*)

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