Radio Flyer

It’s been a whirl wind last few weeks and I completely forgot about the “one item” that I found at Cumabi, but had to leave in Santa Cruz because of the lack of space in our vehicle. So sorry. I would have had a hard time getting a pic of it anyways with all the rain we’ve been having around here. I’m thinking some of you probably thought it was a piece of furniture. Alas, they don’t ship furniture from the States down here- at least not the kind I’m always itching to get my hands on to do some DIY project that I’ve put on hold for forever. Nope, that will never happen. The only way we get a piece of furniture that is used is when a missionary is selling out and headed back to the States. So far, I’ve not been around to take advantage of those events. Nope.

So here’s the thing. Little Lily has been struggling with little messes- the potty training kind. And one great day after this happened- again….sigh! I just blurted out to her that we’d get her a tricycle if she could try a little harder to be a big girl and , well, let us know before hand so she makes it in time to the Lou. Well, that pretty much did the trick. Bribery. I wouldn’t recommend it bc you cannot possibly bribe your child into good behavior and expect them to “learn” and want to be good on their own. I’m sure some people disagree, but every now in then it really works to encourage these little people with something that makes their eyes light up and puts a big smile on their faces. A goal to work towards. So thats when I really had the greatest thought. Growing up as little kids I remember we had 2 Radio Flyer tricycles that my Grandparents had brought us down, but those were long gone since. So… “What if I can find a Radio Flyer tricycle for her? No, I’ve never seen the kind I’m thinking about. Tassels off the handle bars, metal bell, two steps in back for a tag along little tyke, and well made to last for our little kids.” The possibilities are more like impossibilities of finding such a thing here. First off, it has to get donated, then shipped on a freighter from Miami to Chile, and finally it arrives in Bolivia to be sold to the highest bidder. That is simply what happens to donations from the States.  So the night before we were going to be going to Cumabi I asked God, “Well, God. Would You please please please somehow let there be one of those Radio Flyers at Cumabi? I know it’s material and it’s not important ,but I would really really REALLY like one for Lily.” After going through the entire Cumabi I didn’t see a single one! Yup. So what did we do? We bought her a cheap little Chines version of a tricycle that was brand new. As we’re walking back hauling this little tricycle and our other treasures. Still content that this was what God had in mind and it was completely okay with me, what did we see? Another American toy booth that we’d somehow missed before…and there was a Radio Flyer tricycle there!!!! No way! We bought too early. Okay, we couldn’t just buy her another one. And it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. It was like the modern version. I love the retro version. But….. So I started wheeling and dealing with the owner and almost got a deal when I noticed a few stores down there was ANOTHER American toy store. No way again! How had we missed both of these? I don’t know but there it was.  Retro Red and Cream. Tassels whipping in the wind. Time standing still. Solid rubber tires. Cream metal sprockets. Even a silver bell. The exact tricycle I’d asked God for. It begged for me to come and take it home with us. It was going to be ours one way or another.  I really had to wheel and deal here with the husband and wife. I’m shameless, but it is Bolivia! Everyone always asks for a better price and they usually give it. So we were able to trade the new tricycle in for part of the price and made up the difference. I was PRETTY thrilled and so was Tyler and Lily. She’s had it for about 2 weeks now and she’s been doing pretty well considering the ordeal we were going through before.

I think what shocked me the most out of this whole thing is that God answered that prayer. Not because I have any power in my prayers as if I could call on God and then He’s forced to answer my prayer like the mythical genie in a bottle is forced to come out when you rub it. I know better than anyone else what my worth is and I know I am not a deserving person. Fortunately, God doesn’t answer prayer  either just because we pray it. He answers out of His love, His mercy, and His goodwill. I don’t know why I was so surprised. I was elated when my eyes spotted it and ecstatic when we purchased it. And God had made that simple little tricycle possible for us. I guess much the same as we want to put a smile on our children’s faces, God enjoys doing the same for us. We don’t deserve it or need it because He gives us all we need,but every now and then He just gives us an extra treat just because He loves us. He is a pretty great God to call Father. 😉






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katelyn says:

    I love this! You have such a refreshing writing style and it’s really enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh that is so awesome!!! I love when God answers prayers in every detail that was requested. Praising the Lord with you!!

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