Looking to Rent- the Bolivian way

I know I’ve had quite a long time of silence on my blog. So with 2 posts in one week I’m probably overdoing it. 😉 I just want to do a better job of keeping my friends (you) in the loop.

So today we drove to Quirusillas ( rhubarb! awesome huh? yeah, I’ll be living in Rhubarb. Want some sugar with that?) Quirusillas is near where we are currently working , Filadefia.  We just haven’t had any luck finding a house to rent in Filadefia thats why we’re searching in Quirusillas. There are places to rent and something we learned early on when we first moved to Bolivia is that when you are looking for a place to rent you actually have to tell them that you’re looking for an independent house. And be specific to include that you’d like a bathroom and kitchen. Something taken for granted in the States, huh?  I mean, most place in the States include the stove and fridge. Here we move with ours wherever we go. At least I know mine is clean and there aren’t mice living in them!

The believers have been keeping their eyes and ears open for us in Filadefia ,but have only come up with one place that might be rentable…but literally it is 2 rooms and that’s it. I really need to get pictures for ya’s to understand what a typical campesino house looks like back here. The bushes are the bathroom…and the wood fire outside  in between the blackened stones is the stove. I saw some missionary friends house hunting photos from Spain a few days ago and was like,”Wow, that place is beautiful! Look at the kitchen Tyler! Those are WOOD floors!” Lots and lots of exclamations. Haha I’m happy for them. 🙂

So we spent the morning in Quirusillas and basically since there are no newspapers or listings of any sort for that matter we just pulled up and started walking around town just greeting people and asking them if they knew of any independent houses available. It’s a great way to meet people right off the bat! And they’re all so friendly.

Here’s today’s run down.

The Water Seeping House.  As a result we were shown 1 house with SERIOUS water issues.  Water on the floors and walls in the house that is coming in from the neighbor’s house next door so – Nope, can’t rent you. ;( Sad face bc it was the only descent house we looked at. With 2 bedrooms, a living, bath, and kitchen/dining. Small, but clean and complete.

The I Don’t Do Laundry House.  Then we saw a house with Zero outside access/yard/patio. VERY unusual for here.  So I was wondering where I would dry laundry??? The sidewalk wasn’t looking very inviting with the sand being blown through that street like a sandstorm in a tunnel. No, we don’t have a dryer and neither do the people here. It was definitely a house built to be just a weekend/fiesta house. There are lots of those here since many people live in the big city of Santa Cruz and just come back for their town’s fiestas. So they take their laundry home with them after the weekend.   But it did have a kitchen!

The NOT an Independent House. Then we saw 2 rooms. Nice floors and big. But sharing a bathroom with the landlords ( which btw smelled very strongly of urine)  and not having a kitchen isn’t going to work too great. We had to explain very nicely afterwords that we really are looking for a private place of our own. We don’t live with family much less with strangers. Leave and cleave ppl, leave and cleave. 🙂

The One Room House. Then we saw another house. 1 room and a yard. When I say yard always keep in mind it’s Not a grassy lawn like you’re thinking of in the States. It’s a dirt and rock out door area.  No bathroom. No kitchen.

The No Kitchen House.  Then another. And so far this might be the only one that we may be able to make do with. It is 3 rooms. No kitchen. No bathroom sink. No sink of any kind. Just an outdoor faucet. But it does have an out side bathroom about 30 ft from the house…one long walk. Some really big piles of dirt/trash. And perfect vista for the neighbors to see us walking back and forth from the bathrooms. So with Zero storage and Zero kitchen I’m not sure how we’ll wing this one.  We would have to somehow make those 3 rooms work for  the living room, kitchen/dining, and 2 bedrooms…just not sure how. I thought the place we are currently living in was tiny.

So, I feel like we need to keep searching. Wish we could go next week,but next week Tyler will be helping translate for 10 medical doctors ( brain surgeon to dentists) that are coming down on a medical missions trip to help out the folks in our church and many other churches and areas. I know they’re going to be such blessing. So, hopefully in a couple of weeks we’ll have time to make another day trip over to Quirusillas to look around. I’ll take pics then so you can see.

Wish we had news for ya’s on how our own house plans are coming along, but no news and no progress is better than no news and no progress?   But let me tell you I’ve been looking at the whole Tiny House craze from a different perspective! I’m trying to convince my sister-in-law in Idaho that they should build one.  If you don’t have any idea what that is just google it. 🙂 And besides. Maybe the rapture will happen soon!


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  1. Grandpa says:

    Hey Sandy, I really enjoy this article. Keep up the good work. Grandpa

  2. Lisa Romero says:

    Praying for you as you continue to look for an adequate home and learn the hard lesson of patience. I am so proud of you for the sacrifices you are making to serve the Lord. We are so spoiled here in the states. My husband and I have been living with his mom in her trailer for the past 19 months. We would have moved her into our house with us but we have too many stairs and no handicapped access bathroom. Our house has been on the market for 4 months without any offers. If we are able to sell it, we plan to buy another home that will fit her needs as well as ours. Any time I am tempted to think it is difficult for me to be in “her” small home instead of my own, I will think of you, and I will pray for you. I will remember that so many don’t have kitchens or bathrooms and pray that you will be able to have both and won’t have to wait too long. I know God has important spiritual lessons for both of us to learn in our very different circumstances, and I pray we both will learn them and grow closer to Him and more like Him in the process. Thank you for writing this!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I’ll be praying for your house to sell too. Patient really is the hardest thing for me to be, but in the end it always turns out best bc it’s God’s way that is taking shape while we wait. We’ve gotten used to our small house here ,but the people we’re working with live 2 hours round trip from us…and there is NO gas station anywhere near us or between here and there so we can never gas up. That’s been an issue. It keeps us from being able to be making visits with the people over there bc we’re already making 2 trips for services weekly. It’s really difficult so we know we have to move. And it’s hard for me to want to move bc I just figured the next move would be to our own house,but God has that under control too. So, we know this next move is temporary whatever time frame that may be, but a move is unavoidable. We’re considering taking the house with 3 rooms- it would mean we 4 would be in one room and make a small makeshift kitchen. (Yikes!) Haha,I feel stressed and anxious just thinking about it all ,but the most important thing is to do what we feel God is leading us to do. And the believers in Filadelfia right now really need help. Life is a constant learning process! Thank you for your prayers for us and for taking the time to comment! Such a blessing to hear how you guys are doing!

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