DIY Old-Tee Revamp

So being me – I always have a growing pile of items I want to either edit or revamp.  And I finally got to it this week!  It was no easy feat with my now 10 month old being at a very clingy stage. My pile is still there, but so glad I’m almost finished with my sewing  bc it’s been overtaking my dining room table all week long!



If you want an actual DIY tutorial for the tees this will take you right to the place I used.


First off this aqua shirt. It was in perfect condition until last week when I snagged the front (thus the pockets) on barbed wire. AH!!!! Yup, one of those moments that I just wanted to kick myself – lucky for me that’s not even humanly possible!




Sedond up – this shirt was a tad oversized  so I found this fabric attached to a curtain and gave it new life on my shirt. The longer “train” on this one is super fun to wear! It’s more symmetrical than the photo shows -sorry about that.





Then I found this little blue beauty.  It was a supper short sleeveless dress, but I just couldn’t pass up that fabric so after cutting the liner and trimming it up for  the kimono type sleeves I also made it a high-low hem line just cause they’re so darn cute!


High-low detail
High-low detail…I love the peek-a-boo dusty pink liner (yup, that was on purpose) – just brings the sleeves and the empire waist detail all together-like it was meant to be!



Now…back to that pile of sewing to finish up!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Romero says:

    Now I want to see some photos with you wearing them. 😉

    1. ok , i’m going to post a pic soon of them on-well-hopefully this week!

  2. Audrey says:

    this makes me want to learn to sew!!! They are so cute!

    1. Audrey all I know is how to sew a straight line and hem- that’s IT! so everything i do – you can definitely do too 🙂

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