Cheeriness A La Pastél

I have a lot of projects for this year. Packing our life up for our State-side year-long visit being one of them! So bitter sweet because I’m so dreading the packing up and not being in our own home for that long. Can you imagine? Also, I even want to give my blog a much needed makeover.  But, on the bright side a few of these projects involve painting furniture. You see 3/4 of our furniture is pine, which is beautiful! And I LOVE that look. There’s something European about it. Maybe it’s the simplicity that I like? Only one problem though. The varnish. Yup. The only kind  available here turns orange-ish yellow with age. Not so beautiful…

So since we just entered our diluvial rainy season ( and I’m guessing it will be tricky picking the perfect 2 days in a row with no rain!) I know for sure now that I have pretty much the most awful timing! But I just can’t wait until May to start this project.  That would be like making a little kid wait 2 years for Christmas!!!! Crazy??!!!! Yes!!!

Here’s the thing. I came across this photo by Sanna & Sania . It’s from the home of Karolina and Patrik Svensk, owners of the textile and furniture brand Stockholm Bombay Project  Isn’t it gorgeous?  fa7cac1b089f0929e89565b1d4e9fae3


… the most beautiful pieces of  furniture that make me feel like I should be sipping tea in a rose garden or at least spending more time in my kitchen!  I stashed the photo in my mind. For months now I have been going back and forth about whether I should just stain my dining set a safe  farmhouse brown or go with this, I decided that since I loved this photo enough and keep coming back to it as often as I do, that I just HAVE to see for myself once and for all if I can pull it off!

For this project I wasn’t about to use the typical oil base paint found here for my furniture. I did that to one little stand (thank goodness!) and I decided I hated that shiny plastic look. I was looking for a more matte distressed look. So I began my research for paint. Living here in Bolivia means I can’t go to a store and just purchase this kind of paint that I was envisioning.  I knew I was going to have to make it from scratch. Wait! What?? Make you own paint?!?!  No, I’m not crazy. I just know what I want and I’ll work harder if I have to. So after blog stalking some Pinterest paint recipes about paint making in Nepal and other awesome places I realized that these people had some really strange paint techniques that I wasn’t willing to try or using ingredients that aren’t available here. Then I remembered something! My college day friend, Emily, from blog. She’s a godly, beautiful, and fantastic DIY-er. She had a gem of a recipe for chalk paint! This was it. I knew it was a recipe I could actually work with!  Being me, I still had tons of questions and  I always have to be absolutely sure I understand the process before delving in.  She was so sweet though- even when I swamped her with a zillion questions (okay, maybe a dozen-ish).  Honestly, I’m a huge believer in why make your own mistakes when there are others with so much success?

Someone else’s experience can be your best teacher if you just ask!

So, my projects will involve chalk paint with 2 ingredients that I had to improvise on. I know that I won’t be getting out of making my own mistakes, but hopefully I will end up with a great paint recipe also to share with you all and my finished product.  I cannot wait to get started! So don’t forget to visit my blog and watch for my upcoming blog posts!

… and pray for sunshine because this girl really wants to paint!

Chau Chau!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome!! I can’t wait to see pics of your progress!! I would love to do something like that with bright colors, but I’m not brave enough! LOL! 🙂 Praying for sunshine days!!

  2. Audrey says:

    Love it! I have been redecorating our walls. You have excellent taste. Praying for you all, when do you come state side? I hope to see you!

  3. Looking forward to the results! Lovely!

  4. Harold Fortune says:

    Looks like it will be an interesting experiment. Looking foreward to seeing the finished product.

  5. aleassa says:

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I LOOOOVE the inspiration picture.

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