Chalk Paint Dining Room Set- Big Reveal!!

It’s time!!! This took way longer than I had anticipated (little ones and trying to do this as much as possible during nap times). Not to mention so many small pieces! In the future I’m going to stick to big pieces of furniture and NO MORE CHAIRS!! Enjoy… IMG_4745   IMG_4735


Chalk Painting Tutorial.

Sand Furniture (lightly).

This is what you need.
This is what you need. Paint brush, fine sand paper (or palm sander- which my hubby was so good to buy me), measuring cup, tint, stucco/plaster of paris, latex paint, HOT water ( this will help with dissolving the stucco/plaster before adding the paint.)

Dissolve the stucco/plaster in HOT water. Add the latex paint and stir stir stir! As you paint your furniture the paint will thicken up pretty quickly so just add a little more hot water as you go. Tint to taste.

My Color Pallet from only using Red,Yellow, Blue, and Green liquid paint tint.

Coral- Red and Yellow.

Turquoise- Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Light Lavender- Blue and Red.

 Buttercream- Yellow.

Frost- Blue.

Mint- Green.

IMG_4531   IMG_4534 Paint 2 coats of paint. Let dry between each coat. The paint job will be ridgy and very rough looking, but that will be taken care of with a palm sander. I used 120 sand paper and a light hand. Distressing it where  I wanted it. IMG_4544 Don’t panic because once you are ready for the final step of adding the wax it will bring back the color gorgeously! IMG_4550   I just used what we have available here which is this pretty liquid orange wood floor wax. Worked like a charm! (I had a VERY sickening feeling when I first painted this coral chair. I was not going for the Pepto Bysmal pink AT ALL! Thank goodness, once I added the wax to the surface the color Popped like crazy and it was the coral color of the original mixed wet chalk paint. So keep that in mind too when adding tint, that because of the plaster content your paint will dry much lighter. IMG_4551. See the difference the wax makes?? A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!   I couldn’t be more thrilled with how my set turned out. Maybe someday I’ll take the plunge and paint my table top turquoise to match the legs, but for now …I love how it balances out the bright color palette and the eccentric tendency of my dining room set.   Any questions or comments I would be thrilled to help! Chau Chau!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! Awesome job! It looks amazing!! And the pictures you too are gorgeous too! I love how you set it up!

  2. Audrey says:

    Love it!! Emy and I were talking about your creativity! Had so much fun shopping.

  3. aleassa says:

    LOVE it! Fantastic job!

  4. nevabardon says:

    It looks REALLy pretty! You did a great job. You could go into business! (Just in case you need something else to do! Haha. :*)

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