My Sweetie Pie has been begging me the last couple weeks for play dough. A 5 hour drive just for play isn’t happening so I did the next best thing and I will never buy play dough AGIAN. Period. It’s easy to make. Cheap. And softer. Plus I get to choose the colors. Forget the ugly greens and purples AND oranges.

I went to Pinterest and used this recipe. It smells just like it and is a bit softer which I kind of liked- a lot. So I’m saving you the trouble and here’s the link for the play dough recipe.

She loved it and since Daddy happened to be home for the afternoon he used his playful and patient skills to make her something special. (I’m good at making pancakes our of playdough, but thats about all.)

playdough fun Lily and Daddy




Meanwhile this little guy was using his imagination for a more life threatening situation. Like,  how to drink out of a sippy cup with a helmet on. I think he’s still working on an answer to that one.



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