We are coming to the States guys, May 31st! That’s only 11 weeks to get everything in order. The frenzy begins and lots of lists too! I don’t want to forget anything. What would I do without lists?

Lily is dying with excitement. We’ve been praying and reminding her that if God wants us to go to the States then He will provide a really great price for us to be able to fly. I mean a steal of a deal…and He did! Now she can’t wait to meet all of her 8 cousins for the first time and aunts and uncles and 3 sets of great grandparents. She already knows all their names and talks about them like they were her best friends. Maybe we shouldn’t have told her so soon bc I will get to tell her “No, we’re not going today. It’s a little while longer before we fly to the States.” in response to her daily question probably another 75 times! What was I thinking?

Tyler is beyond excited to see his family, friends and his home state. Honestly, I’ve almost forgotten that Utah is his first home. It’s just always seemed like wherever we were since being married, wether it was Wisconsin for school, Utah for deputation, or here for being on the field- I’ve felt at home in all these places because we’ve been together in these transitions. 4 years has been a long time for him. Full of challenges and so many unexpected turns and blessings. I’m grateful he gets to go home. I’m excited too…but I’m feeling kind of panicky about getting everything in order here with our house- Tyler is in charge of the ministry part, but I like planning that all out too. Being gone for so longgggg can’t possibly be good for anything we leave in our house. The constantly growing mold. Maybe we’ll have our own hobbit hollow by the time we come home?  I normally open our windows every day. I love love LOVE the gently warm Andean breeze softly going through the house. I will miss it. Anyone want to come and house sit for us?

On another note. I don’t know HOW we, me and the kids mainly,  to survive the LONG layovers in Panama and Miami in the middle of the night catching flights at dawn on little to no sleep. Good thing I have a really good husband that helps stressed- pitifully worried-me pull it together and remind me that worry is a lack of faith in God and that we WILL be fine.  How are we going to manage this with luggage and a very active running baby and 3 year old- that love their sleep schedule and beds as much as I do?!!! Seriously, my kids love to go “night night.”  So dreading all of that part of the trip. If anyone has  ANY ideas I’m all ears. I definitely want to put together a large activity pack, but what should I include in it?


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  1. Audrey says:

    Awe!! Prayers!! I love reading post like this…so real!! It makes me feel so horrible when I want to grumble about something… I think imagine how missio aries have to cope. Excited to see you! Praying God works out all the details. Including the littles adjusting. Love ya!

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