DIY Ankle Booties from Knee High Boots

DIY Ankle Booties from Riding Boots


A couple years ago I bought these nice leather boots from Fossil for $9.00.  At that price I would be crazy not to get them! Since that fateful day they’ve been sitting in a dark lonely corner of my armoire. Literally, I’ve worn them twice.

I’m a pretty spontaneous person when it comes to diy things… and yesterday I had the urge to finally make the plunge into the ankle bootie world. It’s been a place I tried avoiding for the last 4 years. So after scrolling through Pinterest they started growing on me. Only one problem though. I’ve not seen any I like here in Bolivia or any that are in my size. And sadly one more mark against them- they are all pleather, faux leather, plasticky leather or whatever you want to call fake leather. Yes, I’m a leather snob.  And I will probably never go vegan although I love pleather jackets!

Anyways, my dilemma was on the verge of being solved when I remembered my long neglected pair of Fossil boots. And I had a light bulb moment. Thanks Gru.

This is the easiest tutorial EVER!

All you need are a good pair of leather shears like these that my hubby  let me snatch for a few minutes. Gotta love the man!

Be sure to have that boot zipper all the way down before you begin the initial cut. You need the zipper in tact if the boot has one. That was my warning.

Then cut away! Keep in mind, once you’ve cut it it’s gone- FOREVER. So, do a little at a time making sure you even both ankle booties up each time so they look even as you go.


I really wasn’t too sure what angle I wanted at first. Then I decided on a sort of valley angle where both ends slope in at the zipper/ the middle or towards the ankle.



And be sure to round the front and the back of the ankle bootie too so the cut is fluid. That is all!

Told ya it was easy huh?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. joeli says:

    You have guts girly!! I could never do that, I would be way to scared. Love ya sis;)

    1. Thanks Jo! Like I said…it didn’t feel like I was losing much and honestly I’ve been searching Pinterest forever for a DIY like this one and no one has done it or pinned it yet. So I thought “why not?” So glad I did.:) Love ya too

  2. Audrey says:

    Wow so cute! So it still works with the zipper! I keep seeing these boots but I am short legged and don’t know if I can pull it off…. Inspiring !!

    1. You can Audrey!! If anything I sort of shy away from wearing them bc they make legs look longer and thus taller too. I think you should give them a try! And thank you 🙂

      1. About the zipper- I was just super careful not to over zip taking it right off, but if you just add a little stitch after tucking the zipper back into the leather- it takes care of that.

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