L & Grandpa


Most of our summer we spent up at camp UTIBACA (sort of an acronym for Utah Baptist Camps). While I ran around with The Kids making sure they stayed away from the horse corals, the 40 foot climbing tower, and restrooms! Because who is scared of heights  anyways ( um -me).  Horse hooves -fiddle sticks! And we all know how much fun running sink water is ( AH! ) not good when water is gold out West.

We had a great summer and they keep asking when can we go back up to camp.

It was an amazing place to be. Since my kids won’t be able to have very much time with their grandparents during their childhood I wanted  to capture some moments with L  and Grandpa. L is a born cowboy. And grandpa is in his element on a western quarter horse. L loved loved the horses even though he struggled understanding that we don’t call them cows like he insisted, but horsies. Grandpa was able to get him to finally call them horses the 5 th week in after I had tried all summer long!


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